Secondary School Teacher and Professional Trainer

After study my bachelor’s degree concerning “Teaching in Primary school” and get experience in that field, I felt that I was not fulfilled, therefore I decided to keep improving my professional profile.


Thinking about how to do that, I realized that new technology is one of the most important resources that teachers have to achieve in their careers in order to be competitive and be able to give their students what the society demands of them.
Adding to it, I am a passionate for the Tech, so I got again into the University to study my second bachelor’s degree: “Technical Engineer Science Computer “.


Both studies allowed me to start teaching in secondary schools and educational centres for professional training, coaching on subjects as Java Programming, Networking or Data Bases.


At the same time I was working part-time for the government of Spain training other teacher how to improve their methods by using the new technology.


Other instruction experience that I have been performing recently is Spanish Teacher for Foreign people (ELE) since I have moved to Dubai and found the opportunity to build up this skill. Until now, I have worked in the UCAM (University of Murcia with seat in Dubai) and like a freelance, caring always my other actives and projects as a consultant and teacher in other fields.


I am still growing up and never stop.

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